posterLadies, gentlemen, and all those in-between! I am happy to announce that DrexelDance 6 is here! Each year we’ve watched this party/festival grow into what the severely depressed call “a reason to live.” This years fest will be our biggest, boldest and most entertaining event yet.


DrexelDance is a party disguised as a film festival put on by the film production company DrexelBox. We encourage filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike to make short films tailored to a theme given, whereupon we screen them at a party and hand out meaningless awards. Basically DrexelDance is an excuse to create, socialize and wake up in a strange apartment in a circle of dead rabbits. Of course, you don’t have to make a movie to attend DrexelDance. You can simply come as a guest, drink some drinks, watch the films, socialize with the filmmakers, and then wake up in a strange apartment in a circle of dead rabbits.

DrexelDance 5’s theme was THE APOCALYSPE! We had films that showcased everything from a hilariously sad final trip to Paris, the Earth committing suicide, The totally gross birthing of the Anti-Christ, and even a man having carnal relations with his own dog before the big boom. So… yeah.
This years theme we’ll be celebrating everyone’s favorite form of “ruining the best parts” in movies. That’s right, DrexelDance 6 declares our theme…FAKE MOVIE TRAILER!

DETAILS FOR THE PARTY (details for filmmakers below)

Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Boardners – 1652 North Cherokee Ave (Hollywood & Cherokee), Hollywood, CA 90028

Doors open at 8:00pm – Screenings begin 10:00pm
$25 at the door BUT open bar all night!

Bring anyone who loves fun and film.

Tell us you are coming and invite your friends on the facebook invite.

FILMMAKERS – Important info below

Congratulations! You decided (or are seriously considering) to make a movie for DrexelDance 6!

This is a super fun and friendly fest. The two main reasons it exists are:

1. To inspire people to be creative for the sake of being creative.
2. To party.

You do not have to be a filmmaker to enter the festival. ALL skill levels are welcome and encouraged.

To get an idea of the type of films that get made, check out some of the submissions from 2012 and 2011.


The reason we have a theme and rules for the films (aside from it being fun) is to ensure that all movies entered are made specifically for the festival. We are not interested and will not accept a film you made in the past. We want to challenge to you get off your butt and make something new!

This years theme is FAKE MOVIE TRAILER.
Horror, drama, sci-fi, romantic comedy, grind-house, porno…interpret it any way you please. Maybe you’ll even inspire yourself and eventually turn your fake trailer into a real feature…I’m mean shit, Rodriguez did it.

This years rule is as follows: Everyone who makes a fake movie trailer must have their film star the fake actor, Dander Excel.

Examples: “and starring, Dander Excel.” or “Introducing Dander Excel as Jack/Jill the Ripper”. Whatever. You get it. You’ve seen trailers.

WARNING: Your movie must abide by this rule or it will not be screened.

Your movie must not exceed 5 minutes in length. It may, however, be as short as 5 seconds if you like. Being that the theme is fake movie trailers, you’ll most likely want to fall in the 2-3 minute category. Any film over the announced time limit will not be screened.

Your film must be submitted to the DrexeDalnce 6 festival NO LATER THAN Monday, March 17th. You risk not being included if you turn it in any later.


They certainly won’t advance your career, but they’re fun to win!

1. Best Fucking Film
2. Best Fucking Actor
3. Best Fucking Actress
4. Most Wrongest

Of course, don’t use these awards as a map to making your movie. We encourage you to make whatever you like, but feel free to aim for the stars. Guests will be given ballots when they arrive. All awards are audience based. YES, there will be trophies. Filmmakers are allowed to submit up to 2 actors and actresses from their films for the acting award. If you do not use actors (maybe you’re making a movie about cheetos) then this award does not apply to you. Voice-over acting DOES count.

Movies are accepted into the festival on a first come, first serve basis. It basically breaks down like this:

We have scheduled a 1 hour block to screen the films. As we receive submissions we will be totaling up the run time. When we have received X-amount of movies that equal up to an 1 hours worth of viewing, we will end our open call. This means that if you sit on your hands and don’t get your movie in in a timely manner, you may not make the cut.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Grab a camera and start shooting!


A damn fine question. This year we are only accepting digital files. Please keep all files under 2gb.
Upload your film to using Google Drive or

The order your film screens will be chosen randomly from a hat. Shortly after the screenings we will announce the winners with a short ceremony. After that we continue to party our respectable balls/clitoris’ off!


You own every single tiny little scrap of your masterpiece. After it screens at DrexelDance you are free to do whatever you want with it. All we ask is that you do not screen or publish your movie online or anywhere else until after the fest. We will also ask for your permission to put your movie on the DrexelBox website so that future DrexelDance filmmakers can see how awesome you are and then match that greatness! It’s also a good way to get more people to see your work.


That’s right! If you make a movie, you and your crew get to wear a filmmakers badge. You’ll be the rockstars of the party, cause you went out and did something! When you submit your film, we ask that you also give us the names of everyone involved with the film as well as their credits. We will have their badges waiting for them at the party.

In addition to your crew, please invite your friends and family to come out and witness your work with a live audience. They will thank you in the morning…when you all wake up in a strangers apartment in a circle of dead rabbits.


While it really is important you read all of the above text to have the best DrexelDance experience, here’s a short list for you so you don’t have to go back searching for the important stuff.

Theme: Fake Movie Trailer
Rule: It must star fake actor Dander Excel
Time Limit: 5 minutes
Submit: Digital File to using Google Drive or (no bigger than 500MB)
Awards: Submit your name and nominate up to 2 actors and actresses from your film.
Badges: Submit the names and credits of those who worked on the film.

For updates on the festival and other DrexelBox events:
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Sign up for email updates here.


All this bullshit text with rules and stuff might sound like a bit much, but really we just want you to have fun. These parties are always a blast. Treat your film as such.

Questions, concerns or lust-filled prose? Just email us at

We’re excited to see what everyone cooks up this year. Now stop reading and start creating!

DrexelDance #6

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